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Camellia Reticulatas :: Reticulatas we grow and sell

Referring to the strong veining or reticulated pattern in the leaves reticulatas are perhaps the least common of the showy camellia species, but also perhaps the most spectacular. With large, often dinner plate sized blooms and a tall open growing habit reticulatas make excellent feature trees. They are robust and hardy once established in the appropriate position away from hot dry winds and the full midday sun.

Listed here is a selection of the camellias we grow and sell. Note that whilst we strive to have our entire range available at all times, both at our nursery and on-line, this isn’t always possible. Please contact us on 9652 2879 with any queries you may have, or to purchase camellias.

Shipping is based on price per box. Up to eight 5 inch (125mm) Plants are allowed per box.
For large wholesale trade orders we have several transport companies and options available. Please phone 02 96522879 and ask for Bill Parker to discuss.