Located 45 minutes from Sydney city in the leafy Hills District suburb of Glenorie, Camellias-R-Us has been at the forefront of the camellia industry for 25 years. Surrounded by many other nurseries in an area known locally as the ‘nursery capital of Australia’, we’ve been witness to many changes in the horticulture industry. Throughout this period we have made every effort to ensure our product remains of the highest standard by growing camellias of the utmost quality. That’s our goal at Camellias-R-Us, and guarantees our customers are satisfied!

original-logoCamellia plants are our speciality, in fact it’s all we do. The production and sale of top quality camellias to local garden centres, landscapers, large-scale nurseries and chain stores, and to you the home gardener is what we’re about. Over the years we’ve grown and expanded and now boast several acres of nothing but camellias, that’s hundreds of thousands of plants! We propagate all the major species including, camellia sasanqua, camellia japonica, camellia reticulata and hybrid camellias. We’re proud to say that we have one of the largest ranges of camellias in Australia with around 300 different varieties for sale at any one time, all of which are grown by us at our nursery. In addition to the production and sale of camellias our expert and friendly staff are on hand to provide technical information for all your camellia needs.

Please feel free to browse our website via the navigation menu. Camellia varieties can be found by clicking on the relevant groups, eg: ‘camellia sinensis’ is listed under species. We have a large range of plants and pot sizes for sale from 125mm [5″] to 500mm [20″]. Topiaries and espaliers are also available, as are bags of potting mix, cow manure, fertiliser and pesticide.

Note that whilst we strive to have our entire range available at all times, both at our nursery and on-line, this isn’t always possible. Please contact us with any queries about varieties not listed on our website, or to book an appointment to come and visit our nursery if you prefer. Contact details can be found by following the link in the navigation menu on the right.