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Tape Tie Gun


Guide the way your plant grows with the ‘Tape Gun’

The package includes: 1 X tape gun, 20 rolls of green tape and 10,000 staples.


This is a vine hand tying machine. Save time with this handy tape gun. Use this gun to tie up plant stems to plant supports, trellises or wires. The tape used is a specialised PVC/PE green tie tape that feeds through the unit, wraps around the stem of the plant and then is stapled together around the plant stem for support
Stapler and blade are metal; tape holder/dispenser is plastic. Lightweight, easy to use. Complete with gun, green tape, blade and staples.
A great tool to have in a greenhouse or garden. Comes with 20 rolls of green tape and 10,000 staples. Each roll has about 200 feet of tape on it.