Courtyards & Patios The Choice is Yours

Courtyards & Patios,The Choice is Yours

Wirilinga Bride

Camellias are the perfect choice for courtyard planting or on Balconies,or in small gardens as they are shallow rooted they don’t damage pipes or foundations they make a great tub specimen, or can be planted into troughs, low borders on patios or in courtyards .Some of these have small leaves, small flowers, some fragrant, some weeping (great for hanging baskets) .Where you are limited

for room & where you might need to cover the look of a fence, espaliering camellias on fences,you can not find a better choice

Tama No Ura

Some Miniature Hybrids we grow that are ideal are: our Melissa, Wirilinga bride , Sweet Emily Kate,White Baby Bear,Fairy wand etc,small flowers a long the stems make a wonderful back drop especially in the winter when not a lot else is in flower ,the flower will drop & leave a carpet of miniature flowers under the base of the plant


Some for weeping, Marge Miller,Snow,Classique,White Classique, these also make a wonderful groundcover

Camellias can make wonderful Topiarys or standards, with light trimming  each year you can shape these & produce very nice specimens

With our range of Japonicas we have small flowering ,bushes that stay low,  a beautiful range of colours & can be picked for float bowls or flower arrangements, all through the winter months when not a lot else is flowering